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She Paints the Sky in Circles

one at a time

7/1/04 12:11 am - doxamully

I've been doing some experimenting and this batch is the result. My inspiration being fairypark. She does excellent work! One of the icons has the same text as one I did earlier. Heh, forgot about that :P Anyway, check 'em out and enjoy!

[13] Harry Potter 3
[5] CG Art
[3] Rurouni Kenshin
[3] Naruto
[1] Buffy
[1] FF8

A taste:

The whole bunchCollapse )

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6/11/04 12:10 am - doxamully

Amazingly, there are no anime icons this time. Gasp, shock!

Old School Buffy [9]
Dynasty Warriors 3 and 4 [4]
Final Fantasy X [2]
Big Fish [1]

Real people!Collapse )

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5/21/04 12:09 am - doxamully

The glory of icons shall arrive!

A peek:

Rest of the hotnessCollapse )

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5/16/04 12:09 am - doxamully

I've got my laptop back, but no Photoshop. Sony was nice and gave me Photoshop Elements though, so for now I've been using that. It's decent enough. Anyway, here are some icons I made with it, inspired by my new obsession, Rurouni Kenshin ^.^


There aren't manyCollapse )

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5/6/04 12:08 am - doxamully

Another batch of icons. I couldn't resist!

FFX: 1
FMA: 1
CG art: 3

A slight Collapse )

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5/2/04 12:07 am - doxamully

Finally, an update. I've had some computer troubles so I made these with my secondary comp that has a dark moniter. If any of them them look oddly colored, let me know. I'm hoping they'll be fine ^.^




3/26/04 12:07 am - doxamully

Some more icons today, huzzah! I made some Rinoa ones along with Naruto. Boredom has that affect, neh? Also threw in some bases.


The rest of 'emCollapse )

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3/15/04 12:05 am - doxamully

Here's a few icons I whipped up recently!

Rikku; 1
Ed; 1
Naruto; 4

Yep.Collapse )

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3/9/04 12:04 am - doxamully

Here's a small batch of icons. Yes, got bored early in the morning :P


Ninjas!Collapse )

Wasn't extremely decorative with some because I thought they looked nice as is.

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3/3/04 12:03 am - doxamully

5 icons:

Shaman King; 3
Kingdom Hearts; 2

Teaser goodness:

Riku is so hot *dies*Collapse )

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